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What could a trail shredding, bike riding, IT guru from Rockford, MI and a fun-loving, professional orchestral clarinetist from Portland, OR possibly have in common?  The love of fun, family, and good food, of course!  Jason and Suzy met as neighbors in Grand Rapids, MI and are now married with two amazing daughters and two very enthusiastic dogs. 

Here is how Yum Pouch began...

It all started with a bike race. In 2017, Jason “Stickboy” and his South African riding partner were planning to ride their bikes 1,000 miles across Alaska in the human-powered Iditarod Trail Invitational Race. Each racer needed 10 drop boxes filled with food and supplies to get them through the brutal race.


Due to astronomical shipping costs from South Africa to Alaska, Jason and Suzy offered to make their friend’s food drops for him. To complicate matters, they soon found out he is vegan and there was not much he could eat. Most of the dehydrated meals on the market were packed in non-environmentally friendly packs, filled with sodium, additives, and preservatives and definitively not vegan.


As an accomplished classical musician and passionate home cook, quality and excellence are codes Suzy strives to live by. She refused to buy into a market with so many contradictions–one that offers a product for those who go outside and enjoy being active in nature by making and selling over-processed food in harmful packaging. So she borrowed a dehydrator, researched cooking and processing methods and recipes, and hit the kitchen. Suzy likes to make healthy food taste good and their friend needed protein and nutrients every day of his brutally cold race. Those factors provided the inspiration and Yum Pouch was born!

The final piece of the puzzle comes in the form of compostable packaging. Yum Pouch bags do not depend on water, heat, sunlight, or oxygen to degrade. The pouches rely solely on ever-present microbes in soil or water and leave behind only water, CO2, and a small amount of organic biomass—all beneficial to plant growth. 

Dream it.  Feed it.  Achieve it.

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